The CES Equine Learning Academy is an online school that provides courses to students in many areas of interest in the equine industry. such as Hoof/Foot Health, Training and other in-depth courses and exciting subject matter will keep students interested, engaged and inspired to expand their knowledge in the industry that we love.

Hi, I’m Kerri-Ellen Chalmers

I have been in the equine industry for 40+ years riding, competing and training with some of the top professionals in North America. My expertise is in the hunter/jumpers, thoroughbred racing, equine sports therapy and applied equine podiatry. I enjoy coaching and teaching students and horse enthusiasts to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. Here are some of my qualifications:

Equine Canada Competition Coach Specialist (Hunter/Jumper)

Certified Equine Massage & Photonic Red Light Therapist 

Advanced Applied Equine Podiatrist (ADAEP)

Former ORC Licensed Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer